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I am an experienced Freelance Website Developer and I specialise in WordPress development.

Hello, friend! My name is Stephen, I am a freelance front-end website developer with over 10 years experience, an expert in WordPress development and I love working with WooCommerce for online stores. Based in the amazing city of Norwich, I like to make awesome things that look beautiful on all devices, which are extremely easy for users to administrate. I would love to make something awesome with you and help your business fulfil its potential, or if you are an existing creative agency I would love to be used as your digital outsource. Let's make digital awesomeness together!

WordPress Development

With many years experience developing content managed websites & data management systems, I can safely say WordPress is by far the most flexible open source solution. Virtually all websites I now develop are using WordPress as this allows for scalability and almost endless possibilities, whilst remaining very much cost-effective.

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is an amazing e-commerce solution and it just keeps on getting better! WooCommerce works in harmony with WordPress which makes it extremely flexible and able to suit virtually any requirement you may have for your online store. WooCommerce is ever increasing in global popularity and comes highly recommended for businesses of all sizes.

WordPress Maintenance & support!

On-going maintenance of any website is absolutely essential (even more so when it comes to e-commerce), and I therefore offer a solid monthly maintenance & support package for websites I develop. This includes updates to WordPress, WooCommerce and other plugins, to make sure your website stays secure and up to date. You can read much more about my WordPress maintenance and support packages by clicking here.

Technical SEO Search Engine Optimisation!

With SEO, content is king. However, there are also other very important technical factors when considering Search Engine Optimisation. I can help improve your performance in search engines such as Google & Bing by using the latest Search Engine Optimisation technical practices and techniques whilst developing your website.

Website Development

I am an experienced website developer and strongly believe in always using the latest standards, technologies and techniques to deliver quality results. Every project I work on is built with cross browser & cross device compatibability in mind along with technical SEO. It is important to note that although I am a strong advocate for WordPress I am more than capable of achiving results without when required.

Digital Consultancy

With over 10 years digital industry experience, I offer digital consultancy to businesses and agencies of all sizes including digital strategies, website development and technical planning. I am available for both one-off consulting & a consultancy retainer if desired - if you're an agency you can even white-label me for meetings and pitches!

Email Marketing Responsive!

I can work with you to develop stunning Responsive Email Marketing campaigns from scratch, or if you are an agency that already has a design that needs to be built & tested. I recommend Campaign Monitor to send out email campaigns as this allow for powerful templating meaning you can reuse the same template with different content.

Website Security

Security is hugely important for all websites, this is one of the many reasons I use WordPress & WooCommerce, which have been constantly audited by industry leaders. On top of this I follow additional security best practices and offer a support & maintenance service to keep your website regularly updated and backed up.

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PSD to developed functional websites.

PSD to WordPress & WooCommerce

Are you a creative agency, a marketing agency, freelancer or a digital agency that wishes to collaborate or outsource the technical & functionality part of your project? If so then that's awesome! I can be your ideal digital outsource for creating amazing functional (cleanly coded with high quality cross browser and responsive testing) websites and e-commerce stores with your beautifully created PSD's.

Don't have a design already? That's fine too as I also have access to awesome designers.

Made with a beard

My name is Stephen, and for over 10 years I have worked with leading digital agencies within the Norwich and London area, taking on such roles as Lead Front-end Developer and Senior Digital Developer, and now freelancer. Throughout this time, I have spent developing, maintaining and helping to grow websites of all sizes, working on brands world-wide across many different sectors.

I pride myself on keeping up to date with the latest news and technologies in and around the digital & website development industry so I can help to ensure the delivery of the best possible end result for every project.

I am also a caffeine abuser (I can be found on Twitter at @mostlycaffeine), and am an avid beard grower, therefore making sure your project is made by at least one beard.

I am currently available for hire for freelance projects and off-site retainers. I work remotely but am more than happy to travel for meetings and pitches (feel free to white-label me!). Please contact me for more information including my hourly and day rates.

Website made with a beard.

Based in Norwich, working worldwide...

I am based in the great city of Norwich, located in England, UK. However, this certainly is not a restriction in terms of who I work with and the projects I work on, so please don't let the location put you off!

Although primarily based in Norwich, I believe in remote working which allows me to work with fantastic people without the restriction of location. Did you know that remote working is environmentally friendly and often increases productivity? If you want to find out more about remote working, then the book Remote from 37 Signals is a must.

Please note that even though I believe in remote working, I am also more than happy to travel to pitches and progress meetings if & when required. (Did you know, Norwich actually isn't too far away from London!)

Happy clients make me happier!

I teamed up with Stephen on a Wordpress website build. He was a pleasure to work with, he took my flat designs and made them come alive. He answered all of my technical queries and went above and beyond what was originally asked of him without any complaint. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a website build.
- Alison Joshi, Director at Joshi was Janes

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